About Thorn Contractors

Thorn Contractors provides nationwide temporary and recruitment solutions, and our screening process ensures an effective match between companies and candidates. We cover a wide spectrum of industries and locations to find the perfect match. Our fundamental belief is that people are the most valuable asset of businesses, which guides our mission to connect job seekers with employers and create long-lasting, valuable relationships. Our experienced team ensures a fast and smooth recruitment process, guided by the core values of Credibility, Safety, Well-being, and Quality.

We are a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and comply with all relevant agreements.

Vision and mission

We have a vision of empowering businesses with new resources and delivering value-based staffing solutions. Our mission is to match companies with qualified candidates and build solid partnerships. We recruit broadly and operate internationally with a focus on value creation and trust.

At Thorn
we have three core values

  • Credibility

    We are dedicated to building strong and honest relationships with both clients and candidates, based on mutual trust and open communication.

  • Quality

    We have high standards and, with great experience, ensure a high level of professionalism.

  • Safety and Well-being

    We prioritize a safe and supportive work environment, where our candidates can thrive and develop.

We offer Temporary Positions, Try & Hire, and Recruitment.

At our company, we understand that different candidates have different needs, and therefore we offer three tailored forms of employment. For those who want to explore varying work environments and are open to new opportunities, our Temporary Positions are the ideal solution, where good performance can lead to permanent employment. Our Try & Hire offer is perfect for those seeking a more gradual transition, where both the employee and employer have the opportunity to evaluate if there is a long-term match before the candidate is permanently hired. Finally, for candidates seeking stability and long-term association, we have Recruitment, which provides a secure and predictable career path in a suitable company.

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