Competent workforce and fast delivery

Our extensive network guarantees that your company always has access to suitable and sufficient staff, both for shorter periods and for ongoing and permanent staffing agreements. We ensure a reliable and efficient delivery of labor, which will secure competitive operations.
  • Temporary Positions:

    Gain access to a qualified workforce both in the short and long term, tailored to your specific needs and project durations.

  • Try & Hire:

    A temporary position that allows your company to assess the candidate over an agreed period, and then evaluate if there is a basis for further collaboration.

  • Recruitment:

    Receive 2-3 candidates that meet the desired qualifications. Additionally, personality tests are offered to ensure the best possible match with your company.

What does others say?

  • IBF has collaborated with Thorn Vikar & Rekruttering for several years. At Thorn, service is paramount, they are energetic and honest, and they are keen to find the right skills and profiles that we require, you are always met with a good mood and a smile, we can highly recommend Thorn Vikar & Rekruttering.

    Niels Mortensen


  • Thorn Vikar & Rekruttering A/S delivers fast and accurate service, cf. agreement. There is a map from thought to action.

    Allan Hundevad

    Operations manager and Rainwater consultant

  • Over the past 3-4 years, BM byggeindustri has collaborated with Thorn Vikar. We have appreciated the close contact and communication through one contact person. Thorn shows flexibility in terms of permanent employment, and their reasonable price agreements and ability to supply the right employees strengthen the partnership. Agreements are consistently adhered to, which makes Thorn a reliable business partner for Bm construction industry.

    Jens Haldrup - BM Byggeindustri

    Production manager

  • Thorn Vikar & Rekruttering A/S has been an invaluable partner for HMK Bilcon A/S in our recruitment needs. Their completed professional screening process ensures that candidates meet our standards. The uniform process that all candidates go through has resulted in reliable and suitable applicants. Thanks to Thorn Vikar & Rekruttering A/S for their consistent quality and dedication.

    Jeppe Thomsen - HMK Bilcon

    Service manager – Automation engineering dept.

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International workforce

It’s not a given that the right workforce is available within immediate proximity.

Therefore, at Thorn Vikar & Rekruttering A/S, your company has the opportunity to recruit both competent Danish and foreign labor.

All candidates are screened through personal interviews and references conducted by our consultants from Denmark, Poland, Romania, and Lithuania.

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